Does Life Insurance Cover the Omicron COVID-19 Variant?

If you are looking to see if life insurance will cover the new the omicron variant (B.1.1.529), the latest COVID-19 strain, then you have come to the right place.

Below, I’ll answer all your questions about life insurance and the omicron COVID-19 variant.

Does my current life insurance policy cover the omicron variant (the latest COVID-19 strain)?

Yes, nearly every life insurance policy will cover death from COVID-19 including the new omicron variant.

Most life insurance policies only have two exclusions; a two-year contestabitlity clause (meaning the insurance company can contest the claim if you died in the first two years of the policy and you were not honest on the application, called material misrepresentation) and also there is a two-year suicide clause (meaning the policy will not pay out if death results from suicide in the first two-years of the policy).

Other than those two exclusions, any type of death is covered including COVID-19 and any variants.1

Can I purchase a new life insurance policy that will cover COVID-19, including the Omicron variant?

Yes, currently life insurance policies purchased today will cover the omicron variant as well as the other COVID-19 strains. Once you are approved and make the first payment to activate the policy (called placing the policy in force) you would be covered any type death1 including from COVID and the omicron variant.

Also, once a policy is in force, any future changes in your health will not affect the current policy.

Do life insurance companies ask about COVID-19?

Yes, while most life insurance policies will cover death resulting from COVID and any variants, most life insurance companies will now ask on the application about recent treatment and if you are currently experiencing symptoms of COVID such as a fever or shortness of breath.

Do I need to be tested for COVID-19 and the omicron variant to get life insurance?

No, most life insurance companies currently do no require COVID testing to purchase life insurance.

Do I need to be vaccinated to be covered for life insurance for the Omicron COVID-19 variant?

No, most life insurance companies currently do not require you to be vaccinated in order to qualify for life insurance. Likewise, vaccination status is not a factor in paying out a claim.

Do I need a medical exam to get life insurance in order to be covered for the omicron variant?

No, a medical exam is not required to purchase a life insurance policy for most people (dependent on your health and several other underwriting factors). The insurance company will ask if you are experiencing any current symptoms of COVID and about previous exposure (typically in the last 30 days) to COVID-19 but if you are fully recovered and in good health, then you are likely able to purchase life insurance without the paramed exam.

What is the quickest and easiest way to buy a new policy to cover me for the omicron COVID variant?

The fastest and easiest way to purchase life insurance for those in good health is with a no-medical exam policy. The application is 100% online and only requires answering several health and lifestyle questions. Same-day coverage is offered to the majority of applicants.

What are some good life insurance companies that cover the omicron variant that can be purchased quickly and easily?

Below are two excellent companies that offer a 100% online application and no-medical exam underwriting. The application process is very fast and convenient, same-day coverage is available for most applicants that are in good health and meet the underwriting criteria. You do not even have to speak to an agent (unless you want to).


Available Coverage: $50k to $1.5 million

Type: Level term life insurance

Terms Available: 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year level

Underwritten by: North American Company for Life & Health Insurance

A.M. Best Rating: A+ Superior (North American Life)

Founded: North American Life (1886)

Available Ages: 18-60

COVID-19 Question on Application: “In the past 30 days, have you been diagnosed or treated by a medical professional for COVID-19?”

‘Diagnosed or treated’ means you have had (within the past 30 days) a positive test result for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) or been treated by a medical practitioner for symptoms of COVID-19. A vaccine to prevent disease is not considered treatment for COVID-19.

Process: 100% online, no medical exam, no phone interview, no medical records, whole process takes about 9-12 minutes. Compare rates and then apply for an instant decision and instant coverage, if approved.

Advantages: Coverage is from an A+ Superior rated company that has been in business since 1886. Unlike most other no-exam life insurance policies, with Bestow there is no phone interview, no medical records request or need to speak to an agent to as part of the application process. This enables the whole application to take less than 15 minutes, from quote to active coverage (if approved). Rates are very affordable.

(No contact information is needed for quotes)


Available Coverage: $5k to $2 million

Type: Level term life insurance, simplified issue term life, increasing simplified issue term life, whole life and guaranteed acceptance whole life (two-year waiting period)

Terms Available: 10, 15, 20, and 30 year level, simplified issue level term life, increasing simplified issue term life, whole life and guaranteed acceptance whole life (two-year waiting period)

Underwritten by: Banner Life Insurance Company for level term, Ameritas and TruStage-CMFG Life Insurance Company for simplified issue and whole life

A.M. Best Rating: Banner Life- A+ Superior, Ameritas and CMFG are A Excellent rated

Founded: Banner Life (Legal & General) 1836, Ameritas 1887, CMFG 1935

COVID-19 Question on Application: “In the last 30 days, have you been diagnosed with, been treated for, or sought testing or consultation, or do you intend to seek testing or consultation with a member of the medical profession for Coronavirus including COVID-19, or for fever, or cough, or shortness of breath?”

Process: 100% online, no medical exam, same-day approval for the majority of applicants.

Advantages: Level term life insurance with rates that are affordable and coverage that goes up to $2 million without a medical exam from an A+ Superior rated company that has been in business since 1836.

(No contact information is needed for quotes)

1 Most life insurance policies have two exclusions; a two-year contestability clause (material misrepresentation) and a two-year suicide clause. Check your policy for specific details, any additional exclusions as it can vary depending on the company or any amendments.

*This article is for informational purposes only. Please take a look at your specific policy and or ask your agent or insurance company for the details of your individual policy.


Testing Positive for Nicotine (Cotinine) on the Life insurance Paramed Exam- What are your Options?

If you’re reading this article you likely have tested positive for nicotine on your life insurance paramed exam. If this has happened to you, you’re not alone. The good news is there are several options you have and I’ll go over those in more detail below.

The Life Insurance Medical Exam Test for Nicotine

As part of the underwriting process for life insurance, most carriers will do a no-cost 30-minute paramed exam to verify your health. The exam will typically include a small blood and urine sample. The urine sample (urinalysis) can detect several items including nicotine or cotinine.

When someone smokes a cigarette, chews or dips tobacco, smokes a cigar, vapes or is exposed to secondhand smoke, the nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream. Once this happens the liver breaks down the enzymes which becomes cotinine. This is what is detected on the life insurance medical exam.

How Accurate is the Life Insurance Nicotine Test?

The life insurance nicotine test is extremely accurate and is very rarely incorrect. I had several underwriters tell me the levels they use to detect cotinine are high enough (accurate enough) that they can tell if the applicant actually smoked or sat next to someone who did and inhaled secondhand smoke.

Options if You Tested Positive for Nicotine on the Life Insurance Medical Exam

The good news there are several options you have if you tested positive for nicotine on the life insurance medical exam.

1. Did you smoke a cigar or chew/dip prior to the paramed?

A common reason why someone will test positive for nicotine is they will forget (or didn’t know it would affect it) about the upcoming paramed exam and smoke a cigar on the golf course or at a party prior to the paramed. This will result in a positive nicotine test and the underwriter will think you are a cigarette smoker. If this was the case, the good news that there are a very few select number of carriers that will allow you to pivot over to their company and get a non-tobacco rate if in fact it was a cigar or chew/dip and not a cigarette. (Caveat, you definitely want to be honest. If it was a cigarette and not a cigar or chew/dip/pipe, don’t lie, it’s not worth it. All life insurance polices are contestable in the first two years if you pass away and were dishonest on your application.)

2. Accept a 10-Year Term and Reapply in 12 Months

If you did smoke a cigarette prior to the paramed and tested positive for nicotine/cotinine, you will have to wait 12 months from the date of the paramed exam (if you don’t smoke after that) to receive a non-tobacco rate. If you currently don’t have any life insurance coverage, you still will need to protect your family, business, income, children, etc. for the next 12 months. Many people will accept the shortest term available which is a 10 year term so the rate is more affordable and their family is still protected if anything unexpected were to happened in the next 12 months. Also, if their health changes or you do smoke again, at least the rate is locked in for the next 10 years. Also, you can cancel anytime without a penalty which most people will do after 12 months if they haven’t smoked a cigarette and will reapply for a new policy at that time, which will provide peace of mind knowing their family is protected in the interim.

3. Accept a Coverage Amount and Term That is Affordable and Reapply in a 12 Months

This is similar to number two above, the difference being some people like to accept a 15, 20 or even 30 year term in an effort to “hedge their bets” so to speak. In case your health changes in the next 12 months or however long it takes to not smoke a cigarette for 12 full months straight, and God forbid you develop cancer, have a heart attack or some other unforeseen health event, then you still have the policy locked for the next 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

The good part is you can still cancel anytime without a penalty and reapply in 12 months since after the paramed, or after your last cigarette and get the better rates. However, if you health changes in the next 12 months your family is still covered for the term you select and the rate won’t change. Many people like this peace of mind.

3. Not Accept and Wait 12 Months and Reapply

This is the least recommend option unless you currently have life insurance and are replacing a current policy.. You do not want to leave your family unprotected, even for a year. You just never know. Not only could you pass away in the next 12 months but your health could change leaving you uninsuranble. If someone doesn’t have life insurance and does have a spouse, children, mortgage, etc. I always recommend to “bite the bullet” and pay the higher premium for a year (and or lower the coverage or change to a 10 year term for the next 12 months) then reapply in 12 months so your loved ones are covered and you will have that peace of mind.

Wrap UpTesting Positive for Nicotine (Cotinine) on the Life insurance Paramed Exam- What are your Options?

If you applied for life insurance and tested positive for nicotine (cotinine) and your rate increased, you’re not alone. I have helped hundreds of applicants in this situation. The options I outlined above are the ones I recommend. Most people who don’t currently have life insurance will accept a policy that is affordable so their family is covered now. Then they will reapply in 12 months after the paramed exam (a long as they don’t smoke a cigarette in the next 12 months) for the lower rate. You “bite the bullet” so to speak and pay a higher premium for the next 12 months but your family is protected (as well as hedge against in your health changes in the next year) so both you and your family will have the peace of mind knowing they won’t be financially devastated if anything unexpected were to happen to you.

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