Key Man Life Insurance With Elevated GGT Levels

Lean how to get the best key man life insurance rates if you have elevated GGT levels.

Let’s start with what GGT stands for. GGT (amma-glutamyltransferase) is an enzyme found in many organs in the body, with the highest concentrations the liver. Elevated GGT levels can indicate liver damage, some other serious health issue and or issues with chronic alcohol abuse.

Heavy drinkers of alcohol many times will have elevated liver enzymes, especially GGT. This is why elevated GGT readings are a concern to life insurance companies. If you do have elevated GGT readings, I alawys recommend to my clients that they go see their a doctor for a further evaluation to see if it anything serious and for their treatment reccomdation. In regards to the life insurance, the good news some carriers typically can offer a better rate since each insurer has their own GGT guidelines. Many times we will pivot to a new life insurance company for a good rate.

How to get the best key man life insurance rates with elevated GGT

The most important thing to to shop around. Every life insurance company has their own underwriting guidelines so one company that may offer a decline or a table rate another company may offer a standard or even preferred rating.

Give us a call or use the contact form and we’ll shop the top companies to find you the best rate if you have elevated GGT readings.