Term Life Insurance: The Smart Guide for Men Over 50


  1. Life at 50+: It’s a different ballgame! Maybe you’re still supporting kids, have a mortgage, or want to leave money for grandkids’ college. Time to think protection.
  2. Term life insurance to the rescue: To explain it simply – you get coverage for a set amount of time at an affordable price. If you pass away during that time, your family is taken care of.
  3. It’s not too late: Plenty of guys in their 50s, 60s, and even 70s get life insurance. Let’s dive into how!

Part 1: Why Term Life Might Be Right for You

Do I really need it?

  1. Debts: Got a mortgage, student loans, or other stuff to pay off? Insurance can stop your family from being stuck with the bills.
  2. Income: If your spouse or kids count on your paycheck, insurance can replace that income if something happens.
  3. Final expenses: Funerals are pricey! Don’t burden your loved ones with those costs.
  4. Leaving something behind: Whether it’s helping your spouse, children, grandkids, donating to a cause, or just peace of mind.

Why term, not those other fancy ones?

  1. Cheaper: Especially over 50, term life is more affordable than whole life or those complicated investment-mixed ones.
  2. Simple: You need protection, not a confusing savings plan. Term life does the job.

Part 2: Finding Your Ideal Policy

The Best Companies

  1. Pacific Life, Banner Life, Mutual of Omaha, Protective Life, American General (AIG), Prudential, Lincoln Financial, Penn Mutual, Symetra Life and Transamerica will often have the lowest rates in the country for term life insurance for males over 50.

What I should focus on:

  1. Financial strength (look up the ratings! A good rule of thumb is to choose an A Excellent rated company or better.
  2. Do they offer enough coverage?
  3. How long the ‘term’ can be (like 10-year, 20-year, 25-year or 30-year policies)
  4. Any extra benefits they offer such as a conversion option and accelerated death benefit rider.

Health Matters (But It’s Not A Deal Breaker)

  1. You’re older, so rates will be higher: Let’s be honest about that.
  2. Medical exams vs. ‘no exam’ policies: Exams may be necessary for many companies, however there are now several top insurers that go up to age 70 without needing an exam with a checkup with your physician in the last 12 months that included labs.

The Right Fit is Key, Not Just the Cheapest

  1. Independent agents rock! An independent agent or broker shops the top companies to find the best price for you age, build, gender and health.
  2. How long do I need the coverage? Match your term to your needs (don’t overpay for way too long)
  3. Life insurance calculator: Online tools such as a life insurance calculator can help you figure out how much coverage you actually need. A general rule of thumb for males over 50 is 5x to 10x your annual income in personal life insurance.
  4. Got health issues? Most people will still qualify, however it will be more expensive.
  5. No exam‘ skips the hassle: many companies now offer the same prices for their no exam policy as their exam policies. One top A+ rated insurer even offers men ages 50-70 coverage from $50k up to $3 million, 10-30 year level term life policy without the exam if they had a physical with labs in the last 12 months.

Part 3: FAQs – Busting Those Common Myths

  1. “Isn’t it super expensive for old guys like me?” It’s costlier than in your 20s, but might surprise you how affordable it still is.
  2. “What if I get denied because of health problems?” Specialized companies exist, there are more than 500 life insurance companies out there, don’t give up!
  3. “I’m confused, I need help!” Independent agents/brokers are your best friends – they’ll guide you for free.

Part 4: FAQs – Sample Monthly Life Insurance Rates for Healthy Non-Smoking Males

Age$100,000 Term (10 years)$250,000 Term (20 years)$500,000 Whole Life
50$25 – $40$60 – $90$200 – $300
55$40 – $60$100 – $150$300 – $450
60$75 – $120$175 – $275$450 – $700
65$125 – $200$300 – $450$700 – $1000+

Term Life Insurance Rates For Males by Age & Health Class

AgeTerm LengthPreferred PlusPreferredStandard PlusStandard
5010 Years$15 – $25$20 – $30$30 – $40$40 – $55
15 Years$20 – $35$25 – $40$40 – $55$50 – $70
20 Years$25 – $40$35 – $50$50 – $70$65 – $90
30 Years$40 – $65$55 – $80$75 – $110$95 – $140
5510 Years$30 – $45$40 – $55$50 – $70$65 – $90
15 Years$40 – $60$50 – $75$65 – $95$85 – $120
20 Years$50 – $75$65 – $95$85 – $125$110 – $160
30 Years$75 – $110$95 – $140$125 – $180$150 – $220
6010 Years$50 – $75$65 – $95$85 – $125$110 – $160
15 Years$70 – $100$90 – $130$120 – $170$150 – $210
20 Years$85 – $130$110 – $160$140 – $200$180 – $260
30 YearsN/AN/AN/AN/A

Important Notes:

  • Rates Increase with Age: Premiums rise as you age.
  • Term vs. Whole Life: Term life is more affordable in the short run, while whole life provides lifelong coverage (and builds cash value) but is significantly more expensive.
  • Health Matters: Healthier individuals qualify for lower rates. Pre-existing conditions will increase premiums.
  • These are Estimates: Your actual rate will be personalized based on your health profile, occupation, lifestyle, the insurance company you choose, and more.


  1. Key Takeaways: The main benefits of term life insurance for men over 50 is to cover debts, replace lost income, cover final expenses and leaving a loving legacy for your family or business. It’s important not to delay this important decision because your health could change and every year you get older the policy gets more expensive.
  2. You’re protecting those you love: That’s the most powerful reason of all.
  3. Take action: Get free quotes and start the process!