Life Insurance Company Ratings

Life Insurance Company Ratings 2021

Life Insurance Company Ratings 2021

Life insurance company ratings 2021 are one of the most important things you should look at when choosing an insurer to protect your beneficiaries. Specifically, you want to look at a life insurance company’s A.M. Best rating. A.M. Best is the preeminent life insurance rating agency. A great rule of thumb is to choose a life insurance company with an A- (Excellent) or better (Superior) from A.M. Best.

Below are the life insurance ratings for the top 500 insures in America in 2021. The first column is the insurance company name, then the home state of the insurer, third column is the most important- A.M. Best rating, then S&P rating, Moody’s, Fitch, KBRA and last column are the insurance companies Comdex scores.

Company NameStateBestS&PMoody’sFitchKBRAComdex
1          Northwestern Mutual Life InsWIA++AA+AaaAAA 100
2          New York Life Ins CoNYA++AA+AaaAAA 100
3          New York Life Ins & AnnDEA++AA+AaaAAA 100
4          Berkshire Hathaway Life NEA++AA+   100
5          General Re Life CorporationCTA++AA+   100
6          Northwestern Long Term WIA++AA+AaaAAA 100
7          Teachers Ins & Ann AssocNYA++AA+Aa1AAA 99
8          USAA Life Ins CoTXA++AA+Aa1  99
9          TIAA-CREF Life Ins CoNYA++AA+Aa1AAA 99
10         Berkshire Life Ins CoMAA++AA+ AA+ 99
11         USAA Life Ins Co of NYNYA++AA+Aa1  99
12         Massachusetts Mutual Life MAA++AA+Aa3AA+ 98
13         State Farm Life Ins CoILA++AAAa1  98
14         Guardian Life Ins Co of AmerNYA++AA+Aa2AA+ 98
15         Knights of ColumbusCTA+AA+   98
16         Guardian Ins & Ann Co IncDEA++AA+Aa2AA+ 98
17         C.M. Life Ins CoCTA++AA+Aa3AA+ 98
18         MML Bay State Life Ins CoCTA++AA+Aa3AA+ 98
19    State Farm Life & Acc ILA++AAAa1  98
20         Allianz Life Ins of New YorkNYA+AA   97
21         Sun Life & Health Ins Co USMIA+AA   97
22         CSI Life Ins CoNEA+AA   97
23         Sun Life AssurCNA+AAAa3AA 96
24         Minnesota Life Ins CoMNA+AA-Aa3AA 96
25         Great-West Life & AnnCOA+AAAa3AA 96
26         American United Life Ins CoINA+AA-   96
27         Hannover Life Reassur AmerFLA+AA-   96
28       Western-Southern Life Assur OHA+AA-Aa3AA 96
29     Swiss Re Life & Health MOA+AA-Aa3  96
30     Western & Southern Life Ins OHA+AA-Aa3AA 96
31         Integrity Life Ins CoOHA+AA-Aa3AA 96
32         State Life Ins CoINA+AA-   96
33         Munich American Reassur CoGAA+AA-   96
34         Lafayette Life Ins CoOHA+AA- AA 96
35         National Integrity Life Ins CoNYA+AA-Aa3AA 96
36         Columbus Life Ins CoOHA+AA-Aa3AA 96
37         Lincoln Life Assur of BostonNHA+AA-   96
38         Great-West Life & Ann NYNYA+ Aa3AA 96
39         Securian Life Ins CoMNA+AA-Aa3AA 96
40         SCOR Global Life USA Re CoDEA+AA-   96
 Best S&P Moody’sFitch  KBRA Comdex
41         SCOR Global Life Re Co of DEDEA+AA-   96
42         The Penn Ins and Ann Co of NYNYA+ Aa3 AA96
43         Metropolitan Life Ins CoNYA+AA-Aa3AA- 95
44         Prudential Ins Co of AmericaNJA+AA-Aa3AA- 95
45         Pruco Life Ins CoAZA+AA-Aa3AA- 95
46         Prudential Retirement Ins&AnnCTA+AA-Aa3AA- 95
47         Prudential Annuities Life AssurAZA+AA- AA- 95
48         Metropolitan Tower Life Ins CoNEA+AA-Aa3AA- 95
49         Pruco Life Ins Co of NJNJA+AA- AA- 95
50         Banner Life Ins CoMDA+AA- AA- 95
51         William Penn Life Ins Co of NYNYA+AA- AA- 95
52         SCOR Global Life Americas ReDEA+AA- AA- 95
53         Allianz Life Ins Co of NAMNA+AAA1  94
54         John Hancock Life Ins Co (USA)MIA+AA-A1AA- 93
55         Pacific Life Ins CoNEA+AA-A1AA- 93
56         RiverSource Life Ins CoMNA+A+Aa3  93
57         Penn Mutual Life Ins CoPAA+A+Aa3 AA93
58         John Hancock Life Ins Co of NYNYA+AA-A1AA- 93
59         John Hancock Life & Health InsMAA+AA-A1AA- 93
60         Amer Fam Life Assur ColumbusNEA+A+Aa3  93
61         Pacific Life & Ann CoAZA+AA-A1AA- 93
62         Penn Ins & Ann CoDEA+A+Aa3 AA93
63         RiverSource Life Ins Co of NYNYA+A+Aa3  93
64         Primerica Life Ins CoTNA+AA-A1  93
65         First Reliance Standard LifeNYA++A+   93
66         Protective Life & Ann InsALA+AA- A+ 92
67         HCC Life Ins CoINA++A+ AA- 92
68         Lincoln National Life Ins CoINA+AA-A1A+ 91
69         Protective Life Ins CoTNA+AA-A1A+ 91
70         Fidelity Investments Life InsUTA+A+   91
71         Lincoln Life & Ann Co NYNYA+AA-A1A+ 91
72         American Life Ins CoDENRAA-A1  91
73         West Coast Life Ins CoNEA+AA-A1A+ 91
74         Empire Fidelity Investments LifeNYA+A+   91
75         Ann Investors Life Ins CoOHA+A+   91
76         Companion Life Ins CoNYA+A+   91
77         Amer Fam Life Assur Co of NYNYA+A+   91
78         Vantis Life Ins CoCTA+AAa3 AA91
79         United World Life Ins CoNEA+A+   91
80         Principal Life Ins CoIAA+A+A1AA- 90
   BestS&P Moody’s  Fitch Comdex
81         Nationwide Life Ins CoOHA+A+A1  90
82         Nationwide Life & Ann InsOHA+A+A1  90
83         United of Omaha Life Ins CoNEA+A+A1  90
84         Wilton Reassur CoMNA+  A+ 90
85         Mutual of Omaha Ins CoNEA+A+A1  90
86         Wilco Life Ins CoINA+  A+ 90
87         Texas Life Ins CoTXA+  A+ 90
88         Wilton Reassur Life of NYNYA+  A+ 90
89         Principal National Life Ins CoIAA+A+A1AA- 90
90         Cigna Life Ins Co of New YorkNYA  AAA 90
91         Midland National Life Ins CoIAA+A+ A+ 89
92         RGA Reins CoMOA+AA-A1A 89
93         North American Co for L&H InsIAA+A+ A+ 89
94         Mutual of America Life Ins CoNYA+A+ A+ 89
95         UnitedHealthcare Ins CoCTAAA-A1AA- 89
96         Cincinnati Life Ins CoOHA+A+ A+ 89
97         Reliance Standard Life Ins CoILA++A+A2  88
98         MONY Life Ins CoNYA+A+A1A+ 88
99         Allstate Assur CoILA+ A2  88
100       Golden Rule Ins CoINAAA-   88
101       Great American Life Ins CoOHA+A+A2  87
102       Allstate Life Ins CoILA+ A2A+ 87
103       Hartford Life & Acc InsCTA+A+A2  87
104       Liberty National Life Ins CoNEAAA-A1A+ 87
105       Allstate Life Ins Co of NYNYA+ A2A+ 87
106       Globe Life And Acc Ins CoNEAAA- A+ 87
107       American Income Life Ins CoINAAA- A+ 87
108       American Heritage Life Ins CoFLA+  A 87
109       United American Ins CoNEAAA- A+ 87
110       Life Ins of North AmerPAA A2AAA 86
111       Transamerica Life Ins CoIAAA+A1  84
112       Transamerica Finl Life Ins CoNYAA+A1  84
113       Standard Ins CoORAA+A1  84
114       Modern Woodmen of AmericaILA   AA-84
115       Ameritas Life Ins Corp.NEAA+   83
116       Brighthouse Life Ins Co of NYNYAA+   83
117       Ameritas Life Ins Corp. of NYNYAA+   83
118       Dearborn Life Ins CoILAA+   83
119       Dearborn Natl Life NYNYAA+   83
120       Equitable Financial Life Ins CoNYAA+A2  82
121       American General Life Ins CoTXAA+A2A+ 82
122       Variable Ann Life Ins CoTXAA+A2A+ 82
123       Symetra Life Ins CoIAAAA1  82
124       United States Life Ins in NYNYAA+A2A+ 82
125       Life Ins Co of the SouthwestTXAA+A2  82
126       CMFG Life Ins CoIAAA+A2  82
127       Zurich American Life Ins CoILA+AA3  82
128       AGC Life Ins CoMOA  A+ 82
129       National Life Ins CoVTAA+A2  82
130       American Family Life Ins CoWIA  A+ 82
131       Equitable Finl Life Ins Co of AmerAZAA+A2  82
132       MEMBERS Life Ins CoIAAA+A2  82
133       Voya Retirement Ins & Ann CoCTNRA+A2A 81
134       Venerable Ins & Ann CoIANR A2 A-81
135       ReliaStar Life Ins CoMNAA+A2A 81
136       ReliaStar Life Ins Co of NYNYAA+A2A 81
137       First Penn-Pacific Life Ins CoINAA-A1A+ 81
138       Jackson National Life Ins CoMIAAA2A 79
139       Brighthouse Life Ins CoDEAA+A3A 79
140       Athene Ann & Life CoIAAA A 79
141       Athene Ann & Life Assur CoDEAA A 79
142       American National Ins CoTXAA   79
143       Connecticut General Life InsCTAAA2A 79
144       Jackson Natl Life Ins Co of NYNYAAA2A 79
145       Cigna Health & Life Ins CoCTAAA2  79
146       New England Life Ins CoMAAA+A3A 79
147       Horace Mann Life Ins CoILAAA2A 79
148       Athene Ann & Life Assur NYNYAA A 79
149       Amer Natl Life Ins Co of NYNYAA   79
150       First Symetra Nat Life Ins NYNYAA   79
151       Mutual Trust Life Ins CoILA  A 79
152       Pan-American Life Ins CoLAA  A 79
153       Pacific Guardian Life Ins CoHIAA   79
154       Blue Shield of CA Life & HlthCAA  A 79
155       Cigna Worldwide Ins CoDEA  A 79
156       Pan-American Assur CoLAA  A 79
157       Aetna Life Ins CoCTAA-A2A 77
158       National Western Life Ins CoCOAA-   76
159       Accordia Life & Ann CoIAAA- A 76
160       Savings Bank Mutual Life InsMAAA-   76
161       Provident Life & CasualtyTNA  A- 76
162       USAble LifeARAA-   76
163       Aetna Health & Life Ins CoCTAA-   76
164       Forethought Life Ins CoINAA-A3A 75
165       Commonwealth Ann & LifeMAAA-A3A 75
166       Unum Life Ins Co of AmerMEAAA3A- 75
167       Provident Life & AccTNAAA3A- 75
168       First Unum Life Ins CoNYAAA3A- 75
169       Colonial Life & Acc InsSCAAA3A- 75
170       First Allmerica Financial LifeMAAA-A3A 75
171       Paul Revere Life Ins CoMAAAA3A- 75
172       Ohio National Life Ins CoOHA A3A- 74
173       Ohio National Life Assur CorpOHA A3A- 74
174       Security Life of Denver Ins CoCONRA-Baa1A- 70
175       Great Western Ins CoIAA- Aa3  67
176       Bankers Life & Casualty CoILA-A-A3A- 63
177       Washington National Ins CoINA-A-A3A- 63
178       United Ins Co of AmericaILA-A-A3A- 63
179       Colonial Penn Life InsPAA-A-A3A- 63
180       Unum Ins CoMEA- A2A- 63
181       Fidelity & Guaranty Life InsIAA-A-Baa1A- 62
182       Lombard Intl Life Assur CoPAA-   A62
183       Lombard Intl Life Assur Co NYNYA-   A62
184       American Equity Invest LifeIAA-A- A- 60
185       Security Benefit Life Ins CoKSA-A- A- 60
186       Gleaner Life Ins SocietyMIA-   A-60
187       Catholic Order of ForestersILA-   A-60
188       Fidelity & Guar Life Ins Co NYNYA-A- A- 60
189       Bankers Conseco Life InsNYA-A- A- 60
190       First Security Benefit L&A NYNYA-A- A- 60
191       Amer Bankers Life Assur Co FLFLA-ABaa1  60
192       Life of the South Ins CoGAA-   A-60
193       Reliable Life Ins CoMOA-A- A- 60
194       Union National Life Ins CoLAA-A- A- 60
195       Bankers Life of LouisianaLAA-   A-60
196       Southern Financial Life Ins CoKYA-   A-60
197       American Memorial Life Ins CoSDA-A   58
198       Humana Ins Co of KentuckyKYA-A   58
199       Eagle Life Ins CoIAA-  A- 54
200       Natl Security Life & AnnNYA-  A- 54
201       ShelterPoint Life Ins CoNYA-A-   54
202       American Equity Invest Life NYNYA-  A- 54
203       Union Security Ins CoKSB++ABaa1  53
204       Delaware Life Ins CoDEA-BBB+   52
205       Delaware Life Ins Co NYNYA-BBB+   52
206       Equitable Financial Life & AnnCOB++A+   50
207       Guaranty Income Life Ins CoIAB++   A-49
208       Baltimore Life Ins CoMDB++   A-49
209       United Heritage Life Ins CoIDB++   A-49
210       Talcott Resolution Life Ins CoCTB++BBBBaa3  48
211       Talcott Resolution L&A Ins CoCTB++BBBBaa3  48
212       Genworth Life Ins CoDEC++ Caa1CCC 44
213       Genworth Life & Ann InsVAB B3B 44
214       Genworth Life Ins Co NYNYC++ Caa1CCC 44
215       EquiTrust Life Ins CoILB++BBB+   40
216       Western United Life Assur CoWAB+   BBB+36
217       ManhattanLife Assur Co of AmerARB+   BBB+36
218       Manhattan Life Ins CoNYB+   BBB+36
219       Family Life Ins CoTXB+   BBB+36
220       ELCO Mutual Life & AnnILB   BBB-30
221       Landmark Life Ins CoTXB   BBB-30
222       Thrivent Finl for LutheransWIA++     
223       Prudential Legacy Ins Co NJNJNR     
224       Transamerica Premier Life InsIANR     
225       Union Fidelity Life Ins CoKSNR     
226       Employers Reassur CorpKSNRBBB+    
227       Southern Farm Bureau Life InsMSA+     
228       Guggenheim Life & Ann CoDEB++     
229       Nassau Life Ins CoNYB+     
230       Woodmen of the World Life SocNEA+     
231       COUNTRY Life Ins CoILA+NRpi    
232       Farm Bureau Life Ins CoIAA     
233       Lincoln Benefit Life CoNEA-     
234       Sentry Life Ins CoWIA+     
235       Jefferson National Life Ins CoTXA+     
236       American Fidelity Assur CoOKA+     
237       PHL Variable Ins CoCTNR     
238       Farmers New World Life Ins CoWAA     
239       Brooke Life Ins CoMIA     
240       Americo Finl Life & AnnTXA     
State LocatedA.M Best Rating
241       Heritage Life Ins CoAZNR    
242       Gerber Life Ins CoNYA    
243       National Guardian Life Ins CoWIA-    
244       Continental General Ins CoTXNR    
245       Union Labor Life Ins CoMDA-    
246       Auto-Owners Life Ins CoMIA+    
247       Independence Life & Ann CoDEA-    
248       Kansas City Life Ins CoMOA    
249       Homesteaders Life CoIAA-    
250       GBU Financial LifePAA-    
251       Wilcac Life Ins CoILA+    
252       Aurora National Life AssurCA     
253       Security Mutual Life of NYNYA-    
254       Foresters Life Ins & AnnNYNR    
255       Erie Family Life Ins CoPAA    
256       LifeCare Assur CoAZ     
257       Farm Bureau Life Ins Co of MIMIA    
258       Assurity Life Ins CoNEA-    
259       Physicians Mutual Ins CoNEA    
260       Reinsurance Co of MissouriMO     
261       Combined Ins Co of AmericaILA+    
262       United Farm Family Life Ins CoINA    
263       Tennessee Farmers Life Ins CoTNA+    
264       Oxford Life Ins CoAZA-    
265       Federated Life Ins CoMNA+    
266       Beneficial Life Ins CoUTNR    
267       GCUPANR   BBB+
268       Sagicor Life Ins CoTXA-    
269       Liberty Bankers Life Ins CoOKB++    
270       Universal Life Ins CoPRB+    
271       Blue Cross & Blue Shield of KSKSA    
272       HayMarket Ins CoNENR    
273       United Life Ins CoIAA-    
274       Physicians Life Ins CoNEA    
275       SBLI USA Life Ins CoNYA-    
276       Catholic Financial LifeWINR   A-
277       Trustmark Ins CoILA-    
278       Equitable Life & Cas Ins CoUTB+    
279       Centre Life Ins CoMA     
280       Pekin Life Ins CoILA-    
State LocatedA.M Best Rating
281       Alfa Life Ins CorpALA    
282       Illinois Mutual Life Ins CoILA-    
283       Boston Mutual Life Ins CoMAA    
284       Funeral Directors Life Ins CoTXA-    
285       Automobile Club of Sthrn CA LifeCAA    
286       Columbian Mutual Life Ins CoNYB++    
287       Reliance Standard Life of TXTX     
288       Structured Ann Reins CoIANR    
289       Amica Life Ins CoRIA+    
290       National Slovak Society of USPANR-5   BBB+
291       Shelter Life Ins CoMOA    
292       Family Heritage Life of AmerOHA    
293       American Health & Life InsTXB++    
294       Conseco Life Ins Co of TexasTX     
295       Catholic Life InsTXA-    
296       American Republic Ins CoIAA-    
297       MedAmerica Ins CoPANR    
298       Royal Neighbors of AmericaILA    
299       Lincoln Heritage Life Ins CoILA-    
300       Pavonia Life Ins Co of MIMINR    
301       First Catholic Slovak LadiesOHA-    
302       Shenandoah Life Ins CoVAA-    
303       Catholic United FinancialMNNR-5    
304       MedAmerica Ins Co of New YorkNYNR    
305       Athene Life Ins Co of NYNYA    
306       Fidelity Security Life Ins CoMOA    
307       UNICARE Life & Health Ins CoINA-    
308       Auto Club Life Ins CoMIA    
309       EMC National Life CoIAA-    
310       United Fidelity Life Ins CoTX     
311       Investors Heritage Life Ins CoKYB+    
312       Government Personnel MutualTXA-    
313       Ozark National Life Ins CoMOA-    
314       Anthem Life Ins CoINA    
315       Triple-S Vida Inc.PRB++    
316       Ability Ins CoNENR    
317       Pacific Beacon Life ReassurHIA    
318       HM Life Ins CoPAA    
319       Crown Global Ins Co of AmericaDEA-    
320       AAA Life Ins CoMIA    
State LocatedA.M. Best
321       WEA Ins CorporationWI  
322       Sentinel Security Life Ins CoUTB++ 
323       Guarantee Trust Life Ins CoILA- 
324       Continental American Ins CoNEA+ 
325       Oceanview Life & Ann CoCOA- 
326       Security National Life Ins CoUT  
327       Farm Bureau Life Ins Co of MOMOA- 
328       Monarch Life Ins CoMAE 
329       All Savers Ins CoINA 
330       Health Net Life Ins CoCANRA-
331       Motorists Life Ins CoOHA- 
332       National Benefit Life Ins CoNYA+ 
333       Investors Preferred Life InsSDNR 
334       Cooperativa de Seguros de VidaPRC 
335       New Era Life Ins CoTXB++ 
336       Natl Teachers Assoc Life InsTXA- 
337       Investors Life Ins Co of NATXB+ 
338       U.S. Financial Life Ins CoOHNR 
339       American Slovenian Cath UnionILNR-5 
340       Pioneer Mutual Life Ins CoNDNR 
341       Optum Ins of Ohio Inc.OH  
342       Combined Life Ins Co of NYNYA+ 
343       Standard Life & Acc InsTXA 
344       Croatian Fraternal UnionPANR-5 
345       Centurion Life Ins CoIANR 
346       William Penn AssociationPANR 
347       Mutual Savings Life Ins CoALA- 
348       LifeSecure Ins CoMINR 
349       Atlantic Coast Life Ins CoSCB++ 
350       Companion Life Ins CoSCA+ 
351       Grange Life Ins CoOHA- 
352       Settlers Life Ins CoWIA- 
353       Polish Nat’l Alliance of US NAILNR-5 
354       National Farm Life Ins CoTXB++ 
355       Everence Association Inc.INNR-5 
356       Fidelity Life AssociationILA- 
357       First Catholic Slovak UnionOH  
358       Harleysville Life Ins CoOHA- 
359       Nassau Life Ins Co of TexasTXB+ 
360       American Fidelity Life Ins CoFLB++ 
State LocatedA.M. Best
361       Unimerica Ins CoWIA
362       M Life Ins CoCO 
363       First Health Life & Health InsTXA
364       Central States H&L Co of OmahaNEA-
365       Continental Life Brentwood TNTNA
366       Best Meridian Ins CoFLA-
367       DL Reins CoDENR
368       Loyal American Life Ins CoOHA
369       Pacific Century Life Ins CorpAZNR
370       Berkley Life & Health Ins CoIAA+
371       Universal Guaranty Life Ins CoOH 
372       Sons of NorwayMNNR-5
373       National Mutual BenefitWI 
374       Trans World Assur CoCAB++
375       Educators Life Ins of AmericaIL 
376       Columbian Life Ins CoILB++
377       American-Amicable Life Ins TXTXA
378       Philadelphia American Life InsTXB++
379       Unity Financial Life Ins CoOHB++
380       Freedom Life Ins Co of AmericaTXA
381       Cotton States Life Ins CoGANR
382       Chesterfield Reins CoMONR
383       Trinity Life Ins CoOK 
384       Security Plan Life Ins CoLA 
385       5 Star Life Ins CoNEA-
386       Standard Life Ins Co of NYNYA
387       National Income Life Ins CoNYA
388       COUNTRY Investors Life AssurILA+
389       Church Life Ins CorpNYA-
390       Western Fraternal Life AssocIANR-5
391       American Progressive L&H NYNYNR
392       American Continental Ins CoTNA
393       Capitol Life Ins CoTXB++
394       Sunset Life Ins Co of AmericaMOA-
395       Corporate Solutions Life ReDEB+
396       Family Service Life Ins CoTXNR
397       Old American Ins CoMOA-
398       Trustmark Life Ins CoILA-
399       Nassau Life & Ann CoCTB+
400       American Home Life Ins CoKSB++
State LocatedA.M. Best
401       Amer Life & Acc Ins Co of KYKY     
402       United States Letter CarriersTNNR-5    
403       Occidental Life Ins Co of NCTXA    
404       Hermann Sons LifeTX     
405       Federal Life Ins CoIL     
406       Globe Life Ins Co of NYNYA    
407       LifeWise Assur CoWAA    
408       Family Benefit Life Ins – MOMONR    
409       SPJSTTXNR    
410       Chesapeake Life Ins CoOKA    
411       UnitedHealthcare Life Ins CoWIA    
412       Midwestern United Life Ins CoINNRA-   
413       United Transportation UnionOHNR    
414       Nippon Life Ins Co of AmerIAA-    
415       Clear Spring Life Ins CoTXNR    
416       Unified Life Ins CoTXB++    
417       First Berkshire Hathaway LifeNYA+    
418       Park Avenue Life Ins CoDENR    
419       Western Catholic UnionILNR-5    
420       Slovene National Benefit SocPANR    
421       Police & Firemen’s AssocINNR-5    
422       Optimum Re Ins CoTXA    
423       Great Southern Life Ins CoTXA    
424       Woman’s Life Ins SocietyMINR    
425       American Benefit LifeOKB++    
426       Madison National Life Ins CoWIA-    
427       Kilpatrick Life Ins CoLA     
428       Polish Roman Catholic UnionILNR    
429       Loyal Christian Benefit AssocPANR-5    
430       John Alden Life Ins CoWINR    
431       PacifiCare Life & Health InsINNR  AA- 
432       Selected Funeral & Life Ins CoAR     
433       Puritan Life Ins Co of AmericaAZB++    
434       American Life & Security Corp.NEB++    
435       State Mutual Ins CoGANR    
436       4 Ever Life Ins CoILA-    
437       Ukrainian National AssociationNJ     
438       Independent Life Ins CoTXNR   A-
439       Life Ins Co of Boston & NYNYA    
440       Cincinnati Equitable Life InsOHA    
State LocatedA.M. Best
441       Natl Farmers Union Life Ins CoTXB+    
442       IA American Life Ins CoTXA    
443       National Catholic of ForestersILNR-5   BBB-
444       NYLIFE Ins Co of ArizonaAZ     
445       Catholic Holy Family SocietyILNR-5    
446       Bankers Fidelity Life Ins CoGAA-    
447       KJZT Family LifeTXNR    
448       CICA Life Ins Co of AmericaCO     
449       Jefferson Natl Life Ins Co NYNYNR    
450       Reserve National Ins CoILA-    
451       New Era Life of the MidwestTXB++    
452       GPM Health & Life Ins CoWAA-    
453       ISDA Fraternal AssociationPANR    
454       Garden State Life Ins CoTXA    
455       London Life Reins CoPAA+    
456       Manhattan National Life Ins CoOHB++    
457       Amalgamated Life Ins CoNYA    
458       Southern Financial Life Ins CoLA     
459       CSA Fraternal LifeILNR-5    
460       Portuguese Fraternal Soc of AmCANR    
461       United Funeral Dir BenefitTXNR    
462       American Retirement Life InsOHA    
463       Amer Natl Life Ins Co of TexasTXA    
464       Jamestown Life Ins CoVA     
465       Catholic Ladies of ColumbiaOHNR    
466       Sentry Life Ins Co of New YorkNYA+    
467       Lumico Life Ins CoMOA    
468       Life Ins Co of AlabamaALB++    
469       Multinational Life Ins CoPRB++    
470       Luso-American Life Ins SocietyCANR    
471       Mutual Beneficial Assoc IncDE     
472       UTIC Ins CoALNR    
473       Delaware American Life Ins CoDEA+    
474       Standard Security Life of NYNYA-    
475       Professional Ins CoTXB++    
476       State Life Ins Fund WIWI     
477       Enterprise Life Ins CoTXA    
478       Starmount Life Ins CoMEA-    
479       Supreme Council Royal ArcanumMA     
480       Omaha Ins CoNENR    
  State Located A.M. Best
481       Old Republic Life Ins CoILB++
482       Caterpillar Life Ins CoMO 
483       Frandisco Life Ins CoGANR
484       Pioneer Security Life Ins CoTXA
485       United Home Life Ins CoINA-
486       LifeMap Assur CoORA-
487       Texas Service Life Ins CoTXNR
488       Germania Life Ins CoTXB++
489       American Public Life Ins CoOKA+
490       Parker Centennial Assur CoWIA+
491       Old United Life Ins CoAZA
492       Alliance Transylvanian SaxonsOHNR-5
493       Sterling Investors Life Ins CoINNR
494       Renaissance L&H Ins Co of AmerINA
495       Catholic Union of Texas KJTTXNR-5
496       AAA Life Re Ltd.HIA
497       American Century Life Ins CoOKNR
498       PartnerRe Life Reins AmericaARA+
499       Slovak Catholic SokolNJNR-5
500       National Health Ins CoTXA-
501       Pioneer American Ins CoTXA
502       Central Security Life Ins CoTX 
503       Locomotive Engineers&ConductorMINR
504       Zurich American Life Ins Co NYNYNR
505       LifeShield National Ins CoOKB++
506       S.USA Life Ins CoAZA-
507       Humana Ins of Puerto RicoPRB++
508       Trans-Oceanic Life Ins CoPRB++
509       Nassau Life Ins Co of KansasKSB+
510       Citizens Fidelity Ins CoAR 
511       Popular Life RePRB++
512       Greater Georgia Life Ins CoGAA
513       National Foundation Life InsTXA
514       Senior Life Ins CoGANR
515       Delta Life Ins CoGANR
516       Southern Life & Health Ins CoWI 
517       Bluebonnet Life Ins CoMSA
518       American Savings Life Ins CoAZNR
519       Advance Ins Co of KansasKSA
520       Commencement Bay Risk Mgmt InsWAA

Wrap Up

Checking a life insurance company’s financial ranking 2021, specifically from A.M. Best is paramount before moving forward with an insurer to protect your family or business. A.M. Best is the only major rating agency that focuses exclusively on insurance. By selecting a life insurance company with an A- (Excellent) or better rating: A (Excellent), A+ (Superior) or A++ (Superior) you can have the peace of mind a third party rating agency has determined the insurer has an Excellent or Superior ability to pay out any future claims.

Term Life Insurance

Best Rates for $600k Term Life Insurance

If you’re reading this you’re likely looking to see which companies offer the best rates for a $600k ($600,000) term life insurance policy. The good news is that if you are healthy or even if you have some health issues, the prices for $600k can be very affordable. I’ll put a table below to show the rates.

Who Needs A $600k Life Insurance Policy?

There are many reasons why one may need the specific amount $600,000 of term life insurance. These can include:

  • Income replacement (typically 7 to 20 years of annual income)
  • Mortgage balance
  • Cover college expenses for children
  • Bank loan
  • Key person coverage
  • Debts

Who are the Best Life Insurance Companies for $600k Coverage?

Below are the best life insurance companies (in order by price) for $600,000 term life insurance coverage. The sample rates below are for 45-year old male at each companies best health class. Please keep in mind that each company has their own underwriting guidelines so rates can change depending on age, build, medications, health history, family history, and other health issues.

Life Insurance CompanyCoverage AmountTerm LengthMonthly Premium
Transamerica$600,00020 Year Term$57.28
Sagicor Life$600,00020 Year Term$57.56
Banner Life$600,00020 Year Term$59.65
Protective Life$600,00020 Year Term$59.74
Pacific Life$600,00020 Year Term$60.51
AIG$600,00020 Year Term$60.76
Principal National$600,00020 Year Term$60.96
Penn Mutual$600,00020 Year Term$62.74
North American$600,00020 Year Term$63.80
Lincoln National$600,00020 Year Term$63.97
Prudential (Pruco)$600,00020 Year Term$64.67
John Hancock $600,00020 Year Term$64.81
Nationwide$600,00020 Year Term$66.41
Mutual of Omaha$600,00020 Year Term$69.88
MassMutual$600,00020 Year Term$71.78
Northwestern Mutual$600.00020 Year Term$73.36
New York Life$600,00020 Year Term$77.63
Primerica Life Insurance$600,00020 Year Term$81.80

Best No Exam Term Life Insurance Companies for $600k Coverage

Below are life insurance rates (in order by price) for $600,000 term life insurance coverage with no medical exam. The sample rates below are for 45-year old male at each companies best health class. Please keep in mind that each company has their own underwriting guidelines so rates can change depending on age, build, medications, health history, family history, etc.

Life Insurance CompanyCoverage AmountTerm LengthMonthly Premium
Sagicor Life$600,00020 Year Term$57.56
SBLI$600,00020 Year Term$70.43
Bestow$600,00020 Year Term$71.83
Lemonade$600,00020 Year Term$71.83
Ladder Life$600,00020 Year Term$78.00
Ethos Life$600,00020 Year Term$83.00

Bestow vs. Lemonade vs. Ladder vs. Ethos vs. Sagicor vs. SBLI Life Insurance

In comparing the no exam life insurance rates between: Bestow vs. Lemonade vs. Ladder vs Ethos vs. Sagicor vs. SBLI, Sagicor does have the lowest rate. However; SBLI, Bestow, Lemonade and Ladder are all in the same ballpark. Ethos Life seems to be the highest priced for a $600k 20 year term for a health 45 year old male. (See the chart above for the rates.) Every applicant’s situation is different so your rates could vary depending on your age, health, coverage amount, term and other underwriting factors.

Is $600k Term Insurance Better Than $600k Whole Life Insurance?

For the majority of people, term life insurance is a better option than whole life/permanent life insurance. The reason why is that younger people are looking for the most amount of life insurance coverage and at the best price. That is what term life insurance provides. Many people looking for life insurance are looking to protect their; income, spouse, children and debts to a certain age-stage in life. Term life insurance (depending on your age) allows you to choose 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or even 40 year level term lengths. This means once you are approved the rate won’t change for that time but you can cancel anytime without a plenty.

For most people at a certain age, the kids are grown, the house is paid off or paid down, you have assets and retirement accounts so the need for life insurance is reduced of hopefully even eliminated and therefore you become self-insured. You have a substantial amount money in the bank, have a solid 401k, equity in the house and other assets. The loss financially won’t be as crushing after the term since the kids are adults, the house is paid off, etc. Since whole life insurance is about 5x or more the cost of term life insurance, by having term insurance you can invest the difference. Also, you won’t have the large monthly premium obligation that whole life has. In addition, be obtaining term life insurance and investing he difference, it’s your money. Unlike whole life insurance that is tied up in a policy and you have to pay interest to borrow your own money, if you invest the money yourself you are liquid. This is what Dave Ramsey explains below in the video. Also, Suzy Orman and Clark Howard recommend the same thing.

It is better for the agent if you choose whole life insurance over term life insurance because the premium is much more expensive. Agents are paid based on the annual premium and whole life insurance is about five times or more expensive than term. That is why many agents, especially field agents that don’t produce a lot of business recommend whole life.

Instances where whole life or permanent life are usually better is term life are; if you need estate planning, have a special needs child, want to leave life insurance for a child no matter how long you live, charitable donations to a school or foundation after you pass away.

$600,000 Whole Life Insurance Rates

Below are life insurance rates (in order by price) for $600,000 permanent life insurance coverage. The sample rates below are for 45-year old male at each companies best health class. Please keep in mind that each company has their own underwriting guidelines so rates can change depending on age, build, medications, health history, family history, etc.

Life Insurance CompanyCoverage AmountMonthly Premium
Penn Mutual$600,000$389.76
Pacific Life$600,000$407.08
Columbus Life$600,000$433.03
Midland National$600,000$467.00
AIG (American General)$600,000$498.94
Rates for a no-lapse universal life insurance policy to age 121

$600k Term Life Insurance- Wrap Up

There are over 500 life insurance companies in 2021 and choosing the right insurer can be easy if you shop around. Since each life insurance company has their own underwriting guidelines and rate charts, each one will have a different rate, all 500 of them. So a company that may have the lowest rate for one person may not for another. Factors such as your age, height/weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, medications, family history, driving record and many other factors will determine which company will offer the best rates for you. I always recommend to compare rates from multiple highly rated companies to ensure you are getting the best price. You can do this by calling the companies individually and receiving a quote from each one or use a broker/agent that do the shopping for you and knows the underwriting guidelines for each company. This will save you a lot of time and money. The best part, since there is no price difference between going to a company directly or using an agent/broker (not allowed to be different by law) you will have an advocate on your side that can talk to the underwriter if need be to to help you get approved and at the lowest rate.

How to Get The Best Rate for $600,000 ($600k) Life Insurance

  1. Compare Rates

    Each life insurance company has their own underwriting guidelines based on: age, health, height/weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, family history, driving history, etc. so it’s important to shop around and compare rates from multiple life insurance companies.

  2. Fast for the Medical Exam

    For those who opt to take the paramed exam, make sure you fast for 8-12 hours. I recommend taking the paramed first thing in the morning when you wake up before you eat, have coffee or exercise. First thing in the morning is when your blood pressure, weight and other readings will be the lowest.

  3. No Exam Option

    For those who choose to not do the paramed, make sure you shop around. There are many new startups offering no exam life insurance in 2021. While the process for these companies are convenient, they can also be expensive.

Life Insurance Rates By Age

How much is a million dollar life insurance policy for a 50 year old man?

Are you looking for how much is a million dollar life insurance policy for a 50 year old man? Then this is the article for you. They say 50 is the new 40 or even 30 and many life insurance companies seem to agree. The life insurance rates for a 50 year old are very affordable, even inexpensive as I will show in the table below.

As life expectancy and modern medicine continue to improve, so do life insurance rates, especially for those age 50 and over.  At the age of 50, many still have the need for a million life insurance policy to protect a: spouse, mortgage, dependent children and or children in college, and future income.  The good news is that life insurance premiums have never been lower for someone 50 years old.

How much is a million dollar life insurance policy for a 50 year old man?

Below are the rates for a $1,000,000 life insurance policy for a fifty year old male at the best health class for a level term policy.

10 Year Fixed15 Year Fixed20 Year Fixed25 Year Fixed30 Year Fixed
Premium:$70 month$103 month$134 month$201 month$245 month

No exam life insurance

10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term
Premium:$96 month$125 month$145 month

Whole life insurance (universal life)

PermanentTo Age 110To Age 121
Premium:$736 month$747 month
one million dollar life insurance 50 year old male
Illustration- a million dollar life insurance policy for a 50 year old man

Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy 50 year old man

$1 million 20 year term: $134 month

Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy 51 year old man

$1 million 20 year term: $146 month

Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy 52 year old man

$1 million 20 year term: $161 month

Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy 53 year old man

$1 million 20 year term: $178 month

Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy 54 year old man

$1 million 20 year term: $198 month

Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy 55 year old man

$1 million 20 year term: $221 month

Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy 56 year old man

$1 million 20 year term: $246 month

Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy 57 year old man

$1 million 20 year term: $274 month

Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy 58 year old man

$1 million 20 year term: $307 month

Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy 59 year old man

$1 million 20 year term: $345 month

These are the rates for a million life insurance policy for a male at the best health class.


Getting approved for a million dollar life insurance policy at 50 years old can be an easy process. I will put the steps below.

  1. Shop the market and choose the life insurance company with the best rate for your health profile.
  2. Complete the application.
  3. Complete the free paramed exam or phone interview for no exam policies.
  4. Wait for underwriting approval.
  5. Review and active policy.

The paramed for a life insurance policy for a 50 year old man will require a simple 30 minute free paramed exam that includes, height, wight, blood pressure and a small blood and urine sample. This is to verify you are healthy to receive the lowest rate.


A 50-year old man seeking a million life insurance policy can have a sigh of relief that the premiums are very affordable. With major advancements in modern medicine and increases in life expectancy, life insurance companies have followed suit to lower the premiums for those age 50 and above. As you saw in the tables, a 50 year old male can qualify for a one million life policy on a 10 year fixed term for $70 month and a 20 year term for $134 month! Life insurance is based on your age and health, so it’s imperative to lock in the rate while you are younger and healthy.

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